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It all begins with discovering your personal wellness needs and sprucing up your healthy habits with naturally sources solutions.

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Welcome to the Blue Spruce Club!

We are an international club of essential oil enthusiasts who fell in love with Young Living's world class products the first moment we tried them. We're here to share these revolutionary products with you so you can improve your health, your life & your happiness in the same ways we have.


Let's get oily. 
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Essential Oils 101: Take The Free Masterclass

Learn how to improve your overall health & well-being naturally with essential oils & our essential oil-infused line of products. You'll wonder why you hadn't started sooner!


Eco-Friendly House Cleaning (Thieves)

Bye bye harsh chemicals! Clean your house the way nature intended with our line of essential oil-infused natural cleaning products. Your kids and pets will thank you for it.


Powerhouse Antioxidant Juice (NingXia Red) 

This delicious supplement packs a big punch, offering benefits such as support for eye health, cellular function, and energy levels. Improve your health with only 2 oz. per day!


What is the Blue Spruce Club?

We are an essential-oil obsessed tribe that prioritize health, and understand that our health is intertwined with the health of our families, communities and our planet.  We empower you to live a full healthy & abundant life.


Why Young Living?

We only recommend Young Living products because let's face it: They're the highest quality therapeutic-grade oils on the planet!  They are not copy-cats...We are proud to be the most authentic and have the purest essential oils in the world! 


Why Join Our Tribe?

Join our tribe and save a ton off your Young Living Starter Kit! Plus, get exclusive access to our secret online Clubhouse & supportive community for free! You know you want to.


essential oils for everyday life

Download a free cheat sheet of our most popular Essential Oils and
how to use them individually to overcome some of today's most common health & wellness issues!


Clubhouse Website Sneak-Peek

The Sprucer Clubhouse is a private membership website + community for Blue Spruce Club members to connect, share, grow and learn everything there is to know about Essential Oils and Oil Infused Products (over 1,500 products! YUP!) . And it's 100% free when you join Young Living Essential Oils with a member of the the Blue Spruce Club! Buy your favourite Starter Kit to access the Clubhouse today.