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Tamara Little

I am truly passionate about how we are connected to this larger universe, to each other, nature and ourselves!

The answers for me come in the quiet time spent in nature listening to my heart-brain connection that taps into our subconscious. It is a lifetime of learning and understanding. Sharing with like minded folks.

Wellness – body, mind, spirit are the basis for this learning and understanding. I had strayed too far from my path! A busy career, raising three amazing kids and rushing about in today’s society’s beliefs of what life ‘should be’. I needed to get back into the moment to really assess what my purpose in this life is.

The first step was to get my health in order. After medical tests cleared and still was fatigued and drained I had to look for other options. Nature has always been my go to – plants, trees, water, crystals, quiet and stillness. After all we are part of this world and are connected. All we need is here and available to us for our wellness.

I heard about a Young Living Essential Oils from a friend in March 2017. I was in the process of deciding to give up my professional career to move back to my homestead in the near North. So I got the starter kit and started using the diffuser and some oils. Life is always so busy with children, school, sports, work, house, pets, etc. Once I decided to move there was more added to the busy schedule with wrapping up work, packing, moving, unpacking and getting everyone settled in! After that I was exhausted! Unwinding from the whirlwind of the Go-Go-Go! I just wanted to sleep. For several months, I more or less did slowed right down and rested!

I wanted to improve my wellness off right so started to use more essential oils to support my body. Drank the Ningxia Red Wolfberry juice faithly each day! Ditched all my toxic cleaning products for Thieves products. Changed my body and hair products and started using Savvy Mineral make up. Toxic products (household cleaners, make up and over the counter medications) were trashed!

By March 2018 I found my energy again! I was ready to come out of hibernation! My wellness was growing. Why? Young Living Essential Oil products gave me the boost that I truly needed. I have heard so many testimonials of the benefits to many folks. It’s amazing! Once you try it, you will be hooked on the benefits of the whole family.

Free membership, savings, and front door delivery. Most importantly the health and wellness benefits are incredible! Check out the products!

Have any questions about the oils, their uses and benefits, the company? Want to sign up for a free membership? Please feel free to connect.

Favourite Products: Sacred Frankensence, Deep Relief, Peppermint, Copiaba

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Phone: 519-209-1344

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Tammy Dusome, Silver, Si6

Tammy is a happily married mother of four wonderful children. She lives in Ottawa but spends as much time as she can on beautiful Georgian Bay, where she was born. With a BA in Sociology, Tammy had a career in banking before deciding to stay home and raise her children.

When Tammy first learned about Young Living Essential Oils™ from her niece she was skeptical, but, trusting in her niece’s judgment and knowledge, she decided to give them a try and hope for the best. Very quickly she learned that these natural remedies were amazing.

Tammy has always been interested in helping others, especially by using natural, environmentally methods and products—that’s why Young Living is the perfect opportunity for her to learn, share, and help others. Tammy is delighted to be part of the Blue Spruce Club and its amazing mission!

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Terri Quist

I love sharing the success that my family and I have had with Young Living Essential Oils. Thieves, Purification, Dragon Time and Copaiba are staples in my home.

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Phone: 705-770-9070

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Theresa Todd

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils with a bottle of peppermint, and I was amazed by the effects of that little bottle for my headaches. After that I couldn’t wait to try more and purchased the Starter Kit. This is where my journey began and since that time my family has been using YLEO for everything from upset stomachs and muscle aches to cleaning our home. These products have changed our lives!

At work my favorite mid-afternoon pick-me-up is a glass of ice water with lemon essential oil and a few drops of peppermint and lemon in the diffuser. This is what gets me through the rest of the day!

My Favourite Products: Lavender, Peppermint, PanAway, Peace & Calming

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Tracy Ryan Jastrow

I am a yogi and mystic,a mother and a wife,an executive and an entrepreneur, a creatrix in the matrix. I do it all and then some and my favourite oil, so far, is Valor. I like to put a few drops in my morning ritual bath, and have a sniff when the day starts to fold in on me and I need a little pick me up.

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Tracy Tait – Silver, Si6

As a thyroid cancer survivor, natural, chemical-free living is very important to Tracy. However, she is a self-proclaimed “open-minded skeptic.” She’s willing to try any product that is healthy and natural, but doesn’t really believe that it will work as well as the claims—until she was introduced to Young Living. She believes the oils really are life-changing, and her whole family now uses the oils for everything!

Tracy is also a Silver in Six recipient!

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