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Marie Magnan

Marie is a mother of 2 and grandmother to 4 year old YL future oiler PAUL. Over ten year ago Marie lost her dad at 68 and that was an eye opener for her. he suffered two heart attacks and in the end had lung cancer. Marie was a smoker of over 25 years. She quit a few years after her fathers death, making that wish her children had come true. Marie suffered from high blood pressure and was taking meds for it. Learnt about YL and what it can do for her. Marie was able to get off those meds thanks to YL and essential oils. Being an ongoing member and learning what healthy living and wellness can be like she is able to help others get this bounty of healthy living as well. Ditching the toxins one room at a time with the help of the Blue Spruce Club..

My Favourite YL Products:  EndoFlex®, Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP)®, Thieves®. Purification®

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Marilyn Sullivan

Tai Chi Educator ~ Living a Chemical Free Lifestyle with Young Living Toxin Free Products ~ I Will Show You How

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Marilyn Cicuttini - Silver, Si6

Marilyn helps change toxic homes into safe, healthy havens. After realizing her corporate career and typical North American lifestyle was making her sick, she began incorporating Young Living oils to eliminate toxins and return to wellness. Her Holistic Healing approach to health is simple, natural and benefits the whole family. She incorporates Young Living products to promote a lifestyle of no chemicals and no toxins; just a breath of fresh air.

Marilyn understands the pressures of a busy life – battling the stress of multiple work priorities, taking care of family and continually powering through the constant exhaustion. We want to make changes to take better care of our family, but have no time to research and implement these changes. Marilyn has the answer to transitioning your family to a toxin-free lifestyle that is not only environmentally responsible, but can also improve the quality of life for your whole family. She is driven to educate and equip you with simple changes that add huge savings time, money and health.

Young Living’s product line is a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning products, supplements, nutrition and natural wellness.

Marilyn also provides support to those wanting to explore their own business opportunity with Young Living.  Marilyn, as part of the Blue Spruce Club, helps provides a community for those interested in healthy, natural living to share their knowledge and experience.

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Madalena Oliveira

Always searching to make my life and the lives of people I care about more pure and natural. I’m so excited about Young Living and the Blue Spruce Club their products and their support…can’t wait for this adventure!

My Favourite Oils: Purification, Thieves, Northern Lights Black Spruce

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Mary-Ann Geisel

I am a Mother of 4, that found these wonderful Young Living Essential Oils at a trade show in London, Ontario. Kelly (a Sprucer Leader) was telling me about some great oils, well they sounded so good I had to get a kit..

I enjoy Peppermint and Joy the most myself. My Husband has noticed such a difference, in me and his surroundings, so impressed he is that he had me purchase him a Sprucer Diffuser Necklace, which he wears with pride, with Valor inside, and clearer airways now : )

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Meg and Dan Lee

“MADCANOIL”? How about Meg and Dan can Oil?

A committed couple in our eleventh year of marriage, both in our second careers in the service industries in management roles leading our respective organizations. We’re now in a place where we want to share some of the wonders of we’ve experienced in the world of essential oils.

Four or five years ago we started a journey into the exotic and at the time mysterious world of essential oils and quickly learned how easy it was to get started. Originally it was just to help treat Dan’s running injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome and helping Meg to deal with Insomnia and later with digestive issues.

Over the years we’ve found so many benefits from our oil uses. And have come to the philosophy that we are not hippy-dippy gurus, witch doctors or even naturalists, we only look for ways to reduce or eliminate some of the chemicals and synthetics in our daily lives. There’s nothing wrong or strange with that right?

Please understand we are not medical practitioners in any sense of the word and we strongly encourage you to seek professional advice, we only provide information on what has worked for us and what we’ve learned along our journey so far.

Some of our favourite oils today are:
Lavender for promoting healing and relaxation
Thieves to disinfect or clean with
Peppermint for our two beautiful dogs (Peanut & Buttercup)

Today we use oils in our daily lives such as Shutran Beard Oil, Lavender at night to help us sleep or Thieves Cleaner to wipe away the germs and so much more. We’ve created sugar and salt scrubs to keep our skin soft and supple during the cold Canadian winters and after bite treatments for the hot summers bugs. There is nothing like a bit of Christmas Spirit in the diffuser at that special time of the year.

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Melanie Briggs

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician for over 14 years and love to continue learning about health.

Favourite Products: Ningxia Red, Alkalime, Peace & Calming, DiGize

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Christina SchlechtM