Marie Magnan


Marie is a mother of 2 and grandmother to 4 year old YL future oiler PAUL. Over ten year ago Marie lost her dad at 68 and that was an eye opener for her. he suffered two heart attacks and in the end had lung cancer. Marie was a smoker of over 25 years. She quit a few years after her fathers death, making that wish her children had come true. Marie suffered from high blood pressure and was taking meds for it. Learnt about YL and what it can do for her. Marie was able to get off those meds thanks to YL and essential oils. Being an ongoing member and learning what healthy living and wellness can be like she is able to help others get this bounty of healthy living as well. Ditching the toxins one room at a time with the help of the Blue Spruce Club..

My Favourite YL Products:  EndoFlex®, Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP)®, Thieves®. Purification®

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