Cindy Saunders

In 2014, I caught a virus that killed the balance nerve in my right ear. I now live in a world of dizziness with attacks of Vertigo. Young Living Essential Oils have helped me get my life back! I will never be cured of my Vestibular Disorder, but I am more the woman that I was by using YLEO to gain back my confidence, balance and joy for life!

My Favourite Products:

A drop of Frankincense on the crown of my head to support physical balance and grounding and a drop over my heart for emotional balance.

Northern Lights Black Spruce on my wrists and diffuser jewelry as my “stress be gone” oil.

PanAway topped with Copaiba helps to relieve my daily headaches from trying to focus.

NingXia red is my Goddess Juice! I take it in the morning and then feel on top of the world!

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