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I got started with essential oils to help manage my migraines. Many of you may not know that I have dealt with these since I was a young child. My father was a very successful orthopedic surgeon so my migraines were treated with your typical hard core western medicine drugs. Later in life my wonderful husband introduced me to chiropractic care. Throughout my adult years I have incorporated Eastern medicine, herbs and homeopathics into my life as alternatives to deal with all kinds of things from the common cold to my migraines. As I was beginning to have more difficulty managing my migraines I was left to once more look to something else. A wonderful friend introduced me to essential oils. I had dabbled with oils before but not with any real knowledge or dedication.

First, I found it is critical to use high quality therapeutic grade oils. So many companies advertise this but do not provide it. With a few months of diligent use of a number of Young Living essential oils that have pain relieving qualities, I have now been 3 months with only a couple of migraines and the intensity of them has lessened. (prior to this I would have at least 1 debilitating migraine a week). My chiropractic care is better and treatments are easier and holding. I am finding the oils are re-training my body to find balance and help keep itself in alignment. I cannot believe it has taken me all these years to find this but I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT ESSENTIAL OILS!! Honestly as I learn more each day I have no idea why everyone is not incorporating them in their life. As I continue my journey, I fully expect to alleviate my migraines completely. If you deal with pain, please let me help you! I can’t believe how this has changed my life.

Essential oils can be used in all walks of your life. If you are looking for alternative ways to help with pain, enhance energy and stamina, improve overall health, detox your body from harmful chemicals, clean your house better and rid your house of chemicals, mold, allergens, etc., this is for you! Maybe you would like to use a healthier makeup and skin treatment. Maybe you prefer to use nontoxic bug spray and learn bug deterrent tricks, especially as summer is fast upon us. Get started, join now and let me help you learn more!

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