Susan Petrie

Mother of two, my journey took a drastic turn when my eldest was firstly diagnosed with autism. He since has been diagnosed with ultra rare syndrome bardet biedl syndrome which is very complex in nature. Through research and experience am passionate about sharing what I have learned in pursuing health. I am committed to learn and share about how little changes can lead to BIG wins in health!

My Favorite YL Oil: Digize

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Sandra Hanes

These amazing oils have changed my lifestyle completely! I can count on YL products for all my daily needs, Laundry, dishes, face care, hair care, cleaning my house with Thieves to getting great energy from Ningxia ! My husband and I swear by the Supplements! There are so many amazing products that it is hard to say which are my favorite! I'll go with Thieves, Ningxia Red, Master Formula and Stress Away! I'm thrilled to be able to share these wonderful Young Living Essential Oils with family, friends and strangers alike!!

My Favorite YL Products: PanAway®; Stress Away™; Abundance; Thieves®

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Alexandra (Ali) Dusome

Ali has an undergraduate degree in geography, as well as a Bachelor of Education, and is currently teaching at the Primary/Junior level. She was introduced to Young Living by a family member, and has been using Young Living Essential Oils™ and products ever since.  She loves that they are natural, and that by using Young Living, she knows exactly what she’s putting in the environment.

Ali loves the Blue Spruce Club, because it allows her to share and continue learning about Young Living Oils and meet like-minded people who prioritize a healthy mind, body and environment.

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Amanda Minne

Introduced to Young Living products through my cousin who sent me a gift of oils from Canada. Immediately got excited to learn about using essential oils in daily life and joined Young Living in Australia in August 2017.

My Favourite Products: Thieves™ Waterless Hand Purifier; Peace and Calming™ Essential Oil Blend; Peppermint Essential Oil; PanAway™ Essential Oil Blend

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Angela Whiteley

Angela is a mother of twins born in August 2013, and as a new mother she’s been driven to find natural alternatives for health and personal care products for her family. She’s always enjoyed a healthy lifestyle, and essential oils have expanded her family’s ability to live more naturally and without chemicals. She uses the oils for her babies health, to clean and purify the air in her home, and to help keep bugs away! She reaches for her oils every day and is always learning new ways to use them from the Blue Spruce Club’s amazing community.

My Favourite Oils: Purification®, Lavender

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Angie Schindler

I’m so excited you are taking the time to look at my website. I want to provide my story but also look around and check out the links that provide so much great information.

Remember to return to my page before joining so I can be your helpful guide with all your questions and needs.

I got started with essential oils to help manage my migraines. Many of you may not know that I have dealt with these since I was a young child. My father was a very successful orthopedic surgeon so my migraines were treated with your typical hard core western medicine drugs. Later in life my wonderful husband introduced me to chiropractic care. Throughout my adult years I have incorporated Eastern medicine, herbs and homeopathics into my life as alternatives to deal with all kinds of things from the common cold to my migraines. As I was beginning to have more difficulty managing my migraines I was left to once more look to something else. A wonderful friend introduced me to essential oils. I had dabbled with oils before but not with any real knowledge or dedication.

First, I found it is critical to use high quality therapeutic grade oils. So many companies advertise this but do not provide it. With a few months of diligent use of a number of Young Living essential oils that have pain relieving qualities, I have now been 3 months with only a couple of migraines and the intensity of them has lessened. (prior to this I would have at least 1 debilitating migraine a week). My chiropractic care is better and treatments are easier and holding. I am finding the oils are re-training my body to find balance and help keep itself in alignment. I cannot believe it has taken me all these years to find this but I CAN’T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT ESSENTIAL OILS!! Honestly as I learn more each day I have no idea why everyone is not incorporating them in their life. As I continue my journey, I fully expect to alleviate my migraines completely. If you deal with pain, please let me help you! I can’t believe how this has changed my life.

Essential oils can be used in all walks of your life. If you are looking for alternative ways to help with pain, enhance energy and stamina, improve overall health, detox your body from harmful chemicals, clean your house better and rid your house of chemicals, mold, allergens, etc., this is for you! Maybe you would like to use a healthier makeup and skin treatment. Maybe you prefer to use nontoxic bug spray and learn bug deterrent tricks, especially as summer is fast upon us. Get started, join now and let me help you learn more!

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Antoinette Christofi | Fertility Wellness Clinic – Silver, Si6

Georgina Christofi (Antoinette Erodotou) RMT (Registered Message Therapist) and Certified Reflexology Practitioner has a background in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy and Rieki First Degree & Second Degree, and has had the pleasure of working at Hospitals such as Sunnybrook Aging and Veterans Care (Physiotherapy), UHN – Princess Margaret Hospital (Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy) and at North York General Hospital – Orthopaedics (Physiotherapy)


We have always been a believer in preventative healthcare and that your body will always warn you when something is wrong and that it is up to us to listen, so hence grew my passion for preventative healthcare = WELLNESS . I am a firm believer that the body is a remarkable creature when given the right tools to heal itself!

Antoinette’s services: 
Registered Massage Therapy, Registered Raindrop Technique® and Registered Reflexology

Favourite Products: NingXia Red™ Powerhouse Juice, Raindrop Technique™, Thieves™, Highest Potential™, Valor™, Release™, and White Angelica™

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Fertility Wellness Clinic
We offer Refelxology and Fertility Wellness services since 2010

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Elide Roberti - Silver, Si4

Young Living SEED to SEAL Essential Oils!!!
Hold yourself accountable, when you know better you do better!

My family and I, have been using Young Living products for 10 years now! We were 1st introducing to the YL Essential oils through our amazing Chiropractic.

Healing and detoxing our body’s, ONE OIL at a time.

With each day, week, month and year that past, we had fewer and fewer visits to the doctors office, which we visited at least 3 times a week at times. Visiting my doctor for a check up, our doctor would question what we were doing and why we weren’t coming in as often anymore.
I would smile and pull out my YL essential oils that I carried everywhere I went, (especially visiting the doctor office, where germs were ready to jump on board and run havoc on our immune system) and said, these 4 little bottles are just a few of the many oils we use but these 4 bottles I carry always ( Thieves, R.C, Peppermint and Frankincense), ARE our holistic approach in regaining our health back! As he looked at them, i started opening them up for him to smell.
I began explaining all about my oils and their brilliant benefits! He was fascinated, especially when I told him the history of THIEVES and where it got it’s name!

Suffices to say he, was impressed and said, job well done!
Gave us a hug and said, “we’ll see you when we see you then”!
I smiled and walked out the door with a profound smile on my face!

I am so Inherently worthy of optimal health, peace, joy, prosperity and Abundance of all good things in this world, so I said it and so it shall be!!! ❤️🙏🏻

I LOVE my Young Living Oils and they LOVE me right back!!!! ☺️

to each and everyone of you, who are looking for a holistic approach to wellness and tranquility!!!
Sending you all much love! ❤️❤️❤️

Elide Roberti, grateful honoured and proud to be a Young Living, Blue Sprucer🦋🌈❤️🙏🏻🌹

MyFavourite YL Products; Thieves, Frankincense, R.C & Peppermint

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Christina SchlechtE