Marie Magnan

Marie is a mother of 2 and grandmother to 4 year old YL future oiler PAUL. Over ten year ago Marie lost her dad at 68 and that was an eye opener for her. he suffered two heart attacks and in the end had lung cancer. Marie was a smoker of over 25 years. She quit a few years after her fathers death, making that wish her children had come true. Marie suffered from high blood pressure and was taking meds for it. Learnt about YL and what it can do for her. Marie was able to get off those meds thanks to YL and essential oils. Being an ongoing member and learning what healthy living and wellness can be like she is able to help others get this bounty of healthy living as well. Ditching the toxins one room at a time with the help of the Blue Spruce Club..

My Favourite YL Products:  EndoFlex®, Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP)®, Thieves®. Purification®

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Kelly Sabourin

My Favourite YL Products:  Thieves®, Melrose®, Shutran®, Eucalyptus, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Frankincense

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Christina SchlechtK
Lisa Sheehy

Essential Oils for life!

My Favourite YL Products:  Thieves®, Purification®, Lavender, Bergamot

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Christina SchlechtL
Marilyn Sullivan

Tai Chi Educator ~ Living a Chemical Free Lifestyle with Young Living Toxin Free Products ~ I Will Show You How

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Christina SchlechtM
Desteny Drisdelle

Looking to find safe and natural ways to live for myself, my family and my animals. This is my educational journey to recovery and happiness in a safe and effective way.

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Christina SchlechtD
Jody Farrington

Hi, I'm Jody! Young Living Essential Oils™ is changing my life one product at a time. It will change yours too! Let me help you discover the natural, non-toxic alternative to support you and your family's health and well being with Essential Oils, NingXia Red, Supplements, Thieves Cleaning Products, Personal Care Products and so much more. You matter!

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Christina SchlechtJ
Cheyenne Medeiros


Special needs Ojibway/ Canadian Momma of 5 here! YL has been my saving grace for coughs, colds, anxiety, cleaning, health & DIY’s!! (I couldn’t of asked for a better more purer company to do life and business with!)

Want to know something or try something, give me a shout & we can chat! Blessings from our home to yours!

Miigwetch- Cheyenne

Products I couldn’t do life without are: Thieves®, TGize,® Valor®, Super B®, The Thieves Household Cleaner®, Soap & Hand Purifier, Peppermint, Lavender & ORANNNNNNGE!

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Susan Petrie

Mother of two, my journey took a drastic turn when my eldest was firstly diagnosed with autism. He since has been diagnosed with ultra rare syndrome bardet biedl syndrome which is very complex in nature. Through research and experience am passionate about sharing what I have learned in pursuing health. I am committed to learn and share about how little changes can lead to BIG wins in health!

My Favorite YL Oil: Digize

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Christina SchlechtS
Sandra Hanes

These amazing oils have changed my lifestyle completely! I can count on YL products for all my daily needs, Laundry, dishes, face care, hair care, cleaning my house with Thieves to getting great energy from Ningxia ! My husband and I swear by the Supplements! There are so many amazing products that it is hard to say which are my favorite! I'll go with Thieves, Ningxia Red, Master Formula and Stress Away! I'm thrilled to be able to share these wonderful Young Living Essential Oils with family, friends and strangers alike!!

My Favorite YL Products: PanAway®; Stress Away™; Abundance; Thieves®

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Christina SchlechtS