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Mind Body Soul Sprucer REBOOT Challenge

WANT? More Energy | Immune Support | Healthier Gut | Less Brain Fog | Liver Support | Better Skin + Hair | Muscle/Pain Relief | Hormonal + Emotional Support, PLUS SO MUCH MORE?!! BE PREPARED TO JUMP Start the FALL/School Year with this MIND, BODY, SOUL, Sprucer REBOOT Challenge I would also do this Challenge with YOUR KIDS! Everyone needs an extra boost and also protection when the school year germs start ;)


>>>Put this on your Essential Rewards/Quick Order in AUGUST <<<

1. NingXia Red Juice | Energy, Nutrient Antioxidant Drink

2. Super B | Energy/Mood supplement

3. Thieves Oil | immune support

4. Joy Oil | mood/soul

5. Plus please this order on Essential Rewards and you will get some pretty amazing free stuff!!!


• This Challenge begins Sept 1st. Be sure to have enough NingXia Red, Super B and Thieves + Joy EO on hand BEFORE then. So please make sure you ORDER EARLY IN August to be ready to go September 1st!! Please allow extra time for delivery.

• If you are committed to feeling healthy and full of energy make sure to consume daily, 2 ounces or more of NingXia Red. Please commit to a consistent daily amount. I do recommend to consume 4-6 oz for 30 days only to feel the Biggest impact and to flood your body with the nutrients it's REALLY needing/missing.

• Current NingXia Red drinkers SHOULD increase their daily amount by at least 2 ounces in order to participate in this challenge. Let's face it, without the increase it's not a challenge, its just "maintenance". ;)

• I recommend starting September 1st - take 2-3 Super B in the morning for an extra HUGE ENERGY and MOOD booster!

• I also recommend adding 1-2 drops of Thieves essential oil either to your NingXia Red drink OR to the bottom of each foot daily to keep you and your families immune system super strong as you come into the fall months.

• I also recommend putting 1 drop of Joy over your heart daily. You will find out WHY very soon! This is a HUGE Part of the MIND and SOUL ReBOOT. After the 30 days of Joy - you won't want to be without it. ONE grand prize winner will be chosen October 5th (announced at SOAR) after the final surveys have been tallied.

They will with a 25th Anniversary Collectors edition Ningxia Red bottle ;) YUP! Collectors item - completely SOLD OUT! YOU get that if you WIn! woot woot



1. You commit to 30 days from Sept 1st to 30th

2. Take a picture of your items and you drinking your Ningxia Red and share with us on the first post of September 1st.

3. Each day there will be an accountability post* which you will comment on after you've consumed your "daily dose**" of NingXia Red, thieves and Super B.

Your comment enters you in a weekly giveaway***.

**Don't know what your "daily dose" is? Watch this FB Live by none other than Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton.